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We are offering 10 % discount on the room rent to all Single female traveler, so if you are traveling alone. We are here for help you.

Tips and Advisories

Solo lady travelers get 10% off on the room charges.

  1. ask your hotel to arrange for your pick up, most ofr the hotels give free pick up.
  2. get the directions or map handy to know the driver is taking you to the right way( if not the hotel driver)
  3. lot of drivers will say they do not know the hotel location, or that hotel is close, have no reservation for you, do not believe and call the hotel your self.local call phone available at every 1kms.
  4. in the city do not wear revealing hot season try to stick to cotton blouses, t shirts, kurta, shirts and skirts till knee, pajaymas etc
  5. at prayer places like temples, mosques, gurudwara wear clothes covering shoulders and the lower should cover your legs fully. a scarf to cover your hair.
  6. do not get over friendly with people on the street or you meet in market. it could be bad.
  7. beware of touts , auto drivers and taxi drivers
  8. all hotels have travel desk to book tours, trains, cars etc
  9. buy a mobile phone if you are staying for a long duration in can help you a lot.
  10. Apart from the big cities, touching between people of the opposite sex in public is very unusual. Even married couples avoid any display of affection publicly. It will be better if you do not shake hands with a person of the opposite sex unless the other person extends his/her hand first. Among Hindus, the way to greet is by bring your palms together in front of your chest, or simply saying 'Namaste'. You can say Hello or Hi also. But some old people may not appreciate it
  11. smoking of tobacco and drinking liquor in public is offensive and have a penelty.
  12. for entertainment Discos, dance clubs, pubs, 5-star hotels are areas with a modern touch. You can easily head there for some entertainment or for drinks. However, having a male companion or at least another female with you is quite a good idea.
  13. In local trains, some cars reserved only for women. It is advised for you to travel in those. for single women travelers train is the best way to travel as it is more safer.
  14. Do not venture in isolated places alone. It is also advised not to go outside alone after it is very late and dark
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Single female Travel
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